Solar PV

What is it?

Solar-powered battery back-up systems are a great, clean, eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to diesel generators.

We provide the best equipment and products along with professional installation on systems that deliver the energy required to cover small homes (5 amps) up to large residential homes/offices with 3-phase power.

What's inside?

What we offer?


Youth Rack 5Kw Li-ion
Youth 15Kwh Li-ion
Youth 10Kwh Li-ion
Volt ESS Full Solution Container


Ragnar 8.2KW
Voltronic InfiniSolar 15KW – 3P
Voltronic InfiniSolar V IV 6KW – Twin
ATESS Industrial Inverters up to 630KW
Raggie Inverters 5KW
Must Inverters 5.2KW


Shingled + Bifacial Technology 650-670W
HESTIA Panels 600W
HESTIA Panels 450W

Light Fixtures

Solar Street Light
Solar Projector

Product Suppliers