Solar Projector


Model: RG-FL100W

RG-FL series is a kind of solar spot light , which uses sunlight as its energy source. During the day, the solar panel receives solar radiation energy and converts it into electric energy output. It is stored in the battery through the charge and discharge controller. At night, the solar panel stops charging and the controller signals the load to discharge, and the lamp starts to turn on. Solar spot light is easy to install, convenient to use, no extra wiring, maintenance-free, daylight out, dark light, convenient and heart-saving. Also equipped with remote control switch, with timing function, humane design.

Solar light to position wherever needed.

Easy & quick installation, no wiring necessary.

Superior quality batteries, long life-span.

High quality LED chip & energy saving.

Ip67, aluminum alloy body, rain-protection & sunscreen, with charging percentage display.